Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Book Club

My book club is an interesting collection of people with quirky taste in literature. The woman hosting this month has turned us on to some different types of work. First was House of the Scorpions, which was an interesting YA novel about clones grown and harvested for organs. The next was "Truck: a Love Story," by a humor writer living in backwoods Wisconsin, working as a paramedic and restoring one of those International Harvester trucks. She's a librarian by profession, so knows about books others might miss.

This time she had us read The Book Thief, another YA novel. I kept forgetting to buy it and finally got it a week before the club, only to discover to my dismay that it was 500+ pp. I wasn't keen on the subject -- a little girl growing up in WWII Germany. I mean how many books about WWII can one read? But this was pretty amazing. Oh the writing, and the characters and the vivid images therein. One character has lemon hair and another eyes the color of the swamp.

I haven't quite finished it because I'm dreading the end. More traumatic than the bombing of Dresden in Slaughterhouse Five, I just know.

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