Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top Chef 5.2

This week of Top Chef was pretty funny with some great lines.  "Eeeet doeza notta matter how many dragooons you keel but if you-a bring te princess home." Fabio's accent is sooo cliche you just wonder if he's pretending. 

But many lessons to be learned for future cheftestants.

1. Don't use an ingredient if you've never worked with it before -- unless you have to.

2. Don't make quiche. They never win and they often lose.

3. Don't use a canned (or frozen) version of a protein if you can't get it fresh. Hello, Hosea! Did you not watch the saga of Spike and the frozen scallops last season.

4. Have a plan B.

5. Trust your instincts and don't trust your fellow cheftestants. If you think you should start from scratch, you probably should.

Good-bye Jill, one of our hometown girls. You seemed like you'd eventually show a quirky sense of humor, but sorry that was the lamest defense of a dish I've ever seen.

Personally, I would have picked Jamie's dish. But I'm not tasting things only watching.

PS Ariane needs a self-esteem course or something. Every season there's some self-doubting female. She either is going to be the person hanging on by the skin of her teeth week after week after week, or she's gone pretty soon.

PPS Last week I kind of liked Hosea but he lost some points this week. Wazzup with that weird flirtation with Leah?

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