Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top Chef 4.3-4.4

I haven't felt like live blogging. Sometimes you just want to savor something instead of having to think at the same time. Plus my live blogs just don't feel very witty or well written.

At any rate, I'm crushed that Memo had to leave last week. I was rooting for him because he was an interesting character in Bill Buford's memoir, Heat. Now I must get that book back from the sister so I can re-read those parts. I vaguely remember him being patient and helpful to Bill. He seemed the most "grown-up" of the people on this round, so that's probably why he was cut so quickly. Certainly it should have been Spike. But Manuel set an example of how classy a departure can be.

The talent pool must be strong this year. Richard Roeper commented that the judges seemed a bit nit-picky. Well, if all the food is good, then you have to be! and that must be a good position for the judges to be in. I loved the concept for this challenge and thought there was so much more the chefs could have done with it. Guess that's what happens when you're in panic mode.

I'm losing interest in Zoi. What a sore loser. Richard has been pretty classy and helpful to people, so what's with the cheap shots about that dish. Other cheftestants, iirc, have done wasabi and white chocolat before. OTOH, Andrew is also working on my last nerve. The insult on Dale, who --hello! -- just won the quickfire. then that oompaloompa thing. Thank goodness cooler heads prevailed. and then tapioca, balsamic caviar again? aren't you guys getting a bit one note?

Re the epi before that: all I can say is -- have none of these people ever heard of potato salad?

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