Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Project Runway 5 Finale 1

So here we are. Near the end. Of a miserable season. I think the magical elves were conducting sabotage.

They kick off by requiring finalists to make wedding dresses. Since European couture shows always end with wedding dresses, it's realistic. But these guys have only two months to prepare. Is it fair? By the way, Tim and Heidi, the air kiss wasn't convincing.

Kenley is her typical rude self by walking out without even a farewell. And blames the other designers for "sabotage." Buy yourself a damned clue, Mean Girl.

Korto's retreat is lovely, though her home is a stark box. Tim showed a little un-Tim dirty mind attitude toward one of Korto's dresses, which look like they are beautiful colors. Did he say snatch shot?!

Korto's family was successful in Liberia, lost everything and fled to the US where they started from scratch. Top that Kenley, with your fracking whining about your rough life.

Trust Tim to wear a bicycle helmet. The whole episode has a nerdy charm between geek girl and Tim. Even Leanne's bf is nerdy cute. The glimpses of her collection look exquisite.

Jerrell has a goatee. And a hard luck life story. South Central LA and riots and gangland warfare. Dad away from home driving a truck. Top that Kenley.

But Jerrell's dresses, especially wedding dress, do look messy.

Kenley lives in Brooklyn, in a relatively large apartment for NYC -- Christian had a closet. So she can't be doing that badly. Grandmother a 40s pinup girl. Do I detect a life inspiration? More tugboat captain. No tough stories about life on the sea. It was sad about her grandmother.

The wedding dress does look lovely. I still think her patterns are garish, though Tim likes them. gulp.

Ooo, the reunion after the tense clash and the rude Kenley departure. The other designers were more polite than the previews hinted.

All she had to do was apologize for her behavior and everything was relatively fine. Korto showed graciousness by wishing her well.

Oh that was cruel, cruel, cruel. A bridesmaid dress in a day. After they got a lot less time to make their collections.

Korto is being so funny this ep. Her personality is shining through. But I'm worried after Tim's critique. After my glimpse of her collection, I really don't want her gone.

Wow. I think this is the first time Tim got teary eyed and emotional. That was quite emotional. I'm really excited by Leanne's wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, they both look totally stunning.

Oh the bitch Kenley is back. Hello? Not everything is about you. Tim told Leanne to make her dress shorter and told Korto she needed to differentiate her dress. If only you weren't wrapped in your own ego, Kenley. You do not own the patent on short.

Hate Jerrell's wedding dress. It's messy, messy, messy and wrinkled mess. The bridesmaid dress looks slept in.

I hate to admit it, but Kenley's stuff was cute.

Korto's is not the most attractive thing she has ever made.

Oh, Karalyn is showing for Leanne, whose wedding ensemble was one of the most exquisite things I've ever seen. And the judges love it too.

RE: Jerrell. Heidi agrees with me, calls it messy. Laughed at Kors' flower pot.

They like Kenley's. Mention Alexander McQueen. Blogging Project Runway and Project Rungay ran pictures from McQueen's collection. Yeah, definitely inspired by it. Kenley should just admit it.

Heidi is pretty harsh about Korto's dresses.

Jerrell went hog wild, sez Kors. That sums up nicely.

Shoo. as much as I like Jerrell, I like Korto's work so much better. And since I sneaked a peek at the BP collections, she deserved it more. And as much as I hate to admit it, because it was unfair to Jerrell, Kenley's collection was prettier than his.

But I'm looking forward to Top Chef.

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