Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway 5 Finale 2

It's the season finale. I'm happy and sad -- happy to find out the winner and sad because this could be the last PR ever. And no matter what, its tone is going to change because it will have a new production company.

The finale starts out on an even keel, with everyone getting along, even as they pick models. Minor irritation -- Kenley giving suggestions to Leanne. 

Now Tim comes to check on the collections and the old Kenley breaks forth. She's fairly polite about the ropes, disagreeing politely with him. But then he raises questions about making the wedding dress her centerpiece again. Then the fangs came out and omigod, Tim rolls his eyes as he walks away.

How much I hate Kenley. I think only Vincent drove Tim that nuts.

Love the sniping between Kenley and Leanne. I disagree with both. Some of the hand painted flowers are quite lovely. And Leanne's color palette gives her work an ethereal look.

Hope Korto's last minute work is worth it. I love Korto -- her personality has been really shining through in the last few episodes and she seems like she'd be a lot of fun to hang with. "Come on, be a pal."

Little fur ball dog. If I were Leanne I'd be drop kicking it out the Parsons window. That gorgeous dress does not deserve that trauma.

I love Tim's pep talks. I want Tim to give me a pep talk.

Runway Day! and they had to get up at 3 a.m. What is that silly leaf thing in Kenley's hair?

Weeeeee. Tim is the judge! Karma time, Kenley! The expression on her face was worthwhile. "I guess I should improve my attitude." Indeedy. 

Kenley's clothes are fairly cute and a couple of hand-painted stuff lovely but it is very disjointed. The music was horrible, not appropriate for a runway show. Poor models, try to walk to that. She's the only one who doesn't walk with her model at the end.

Korto's clothes are really great. Her colors were fantastic, I loved the styling and beads and jewelry, something she designed herself. The fans were cool too.  And she should have used that white dress as her wedding gown.  "Don't I look hot?" Love you Korto.  I don't know why some people think she's a b word. 

Korto looks like her mom and so does Kenley. Her sister is a total clone. 

Leanne's show is dreamy, exquisite, ethereal. I actually liked her color palette for her clothes. They're so elaborate that anything brighter would have looked busy. 

Tim looks like a proud papa as the designers come out even if he's a judge.

Kenley gets the warning about her clothes' resemblance to other designers. As Nina warns, all the fashion editors will be thinking the same thing.

The judges agree that Korto's moved so well.

What could they say about Leanne's? It was dee-vine as MK says.

Yeah, Kenley is number three and a sore loser to boot. No it's not cow manure. You need to grow up, KENLEY.

Leanne wins. Yay! But I'm torn because Korto appealed to my heart and Leanne my brain. Korto, you're still a winner -- you got the fan favorite!

Bet Karalyn is really gnashing her teeth right now.

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