Thursday, October 2, 2008

Karma, Kenley

I honestly think the girl is unhinged in some way, like she has some sort of emotional short circuit. The editors tried really hard to make you feel sorry for her. But having watched her hideous behavior for the last several weeks, sorry it's not working.

We start out with Kenley bashing Leanne for not "selling" her hideous hip hop outfit. Uh huh, that's the reason her outfit should have lost. Delusion much? So she tries to pull a passive aggressive mean girl tactic, refusing to talk to Lil L. It backfires because the others are buddies to Dork Girl.

What on earth was Tim babbling about Joan Crawford for? That was an odd conversation stopper. The Botanical Gardens are stunning. Can you get there by subway? I have to confess I've not been outside of Manhattan and Brooklyn other than an overnight in Flushing to catch a flight to Russia at JFK.

Kenley loses her tulle and the others refuse to loan here theirs. Why should they? It's down to the wire. But they were a wee bit too smug about it. On the other hand, they're living with that whiny voice 24/7 and according to aufed designers, not so under the breath insults of others' designs from her work table. That would be driving me insane.

So now she's whining about the other designers excluding her and how all her life it's been that way. Maybe it's time for some self reflection, my dear.

Half her childhood spent at sea on a tugboat. Uh huh, I hear a tall tale in that. Maybe summers. I don't recall any major docks in Pompano that could launch a seagoing tugboat. But wev. We will probably hear the gruesome details of her hard, difficult and tragic childhood next week. I'm sure it was much rougher living with a tugboat captain than fleeing civil war and horrific massacres in Liberia.

"That's been done," snipes Kenley about Leanne's pleats. And what's with the hostility toward Korto? "That's been done." As if you can't say that about 50s by way of 80s vintage dresses?

Korto -- The color is a little too palid. Maybe she should have used a brighter orange?

Leanne -- It moves beautifully and I love the bodice but the back is...strange.

Jerrell -- The bodice could have a wardrobe malfunction. But it's an interesting shape and eclectic combo of colors.

Kenley -- Ugh. Little Mermaid. Morticia Addams? I know, I know! Martian girl in Mars Attacks! Only sleeveless. But definitely costume.

"It is annoying, no? the attitude?" oh HEIDI.

Nina Garcia -- love the hand wave.

This decision really irks me. If you said, you all did a terrible job and we can't pick a winner so you will continue competing, then fine. But if you pick Jerrell and Leanne as winners this week, then don't take away their win! Especially Jerrell!

Well, this has been a ghastly season. Makes me wonder if it is deliberate. Poison the well so Lifetime receives a product in decline.

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