Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chef 5.4

Well, dang, my blog post got lost and I haven't felt like redoing it. It got lost because I commented on our other computer on my little sister's blog. And I guess you can't be logged in to two places at once. Plus the frigging blogger program won't let you copy and paste directly into the window. Why is that?

So anyway, week before last, Thanksgiving just got in the way. Turkey just made me lazy. But Foo Fighters, yay! Though I agree with Tom that the decision probably should be made on the entrees (or protein) and not the desserts. Making a turkey well in a toaster oven is pretty impressive. As Eugene did, she apparently rigged her contraption to be more of an oven.

Rocco is back. Breakfast amuse bouche. The chefs aren't very original, doing variations of toast, eggs and bacon. I voted for Stefan because he did huevos rancheros in a cool way.  And it is huevos rancheros. mmm....even if Stefan was suddenly from California and not Finland. Having had airport food in Helsinki on the way to St. Petersburg, yeah, guy, suddenly I'd be from California too.

The elimination competition was a great idea in theory. Chefs do do a lot of promotions on morning shows, cooking demos, because it is free publicity for their restaurants. So I thought the vapors, wrist on forehead, clutching pearls reaction from these television contestants was pretty amusing.

But it was a boring episode. Why? Too many chefs!

One other comment. Kathy Lee does not have permission to be on my tv. She's a morning personality. I am not a morning person. I watch tv at night. I do not want her obnoxious rude self on my tv any more, do you hear me, Top Chef?

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