Wednesday, January 23, 2008

PR 4.9

Major insomnia last night, so will I make it through Project Runway tonight. I woke up at 1:30 and could not get to sleep.

Her name is not Kit! Is this an evil plot by Victorya with a y instead of an i? Or is it just exhaustion.

Ricky is whining again.

The boring models are out again. I don't understand Christian's love of his model. She has an interesting face, but straight as a board figure. The other model was unmemorable however. What is up with Heidi's T-shirt?

Field trip time! Wonder if they'll use recycled materials again?

"We are fabulous we don't need to meet anyone else," sez Tim. hee. I heart Tim.

Galoshes, boats. Chris.

Levis. Let me see -- could it be jeans? Yes, denim galore.501 jeans. white cotton.
laundry bags. Poor Chris --they have to run again. This time he's giving it a real effort. The producers are jerks. Making fun of the sissy bear.

dark denim seems to be the trend
Oh Victorya, selfish B word. You are being manipulative -- and passive aggressive again.
ricky makes his own damn hats. no matter -- they suck.

ooo is rami getting the loser edit? Sketching to relieve boredom at age 6 or 7 or 8? REally? But we know you're not American designer,

housekeeping tips from Christian and Chris. they're clashing now. Christian's head has swollen again. "It's so cute to see youth," sez Chris. "Someone needs to give him a bottle and send him to bed."

And Chris IS right -- denim is sturdy material so a damp cloth would work. Sweet P is in her 40s, she probably trusts him,

"C is like a cartoon character. If I had hair I'd want to tear it out." Good one, Rami. Maybe I'd forgive you for your treatment of Sweet P last week.

bitcn, whine, bitch, whine. but now V is getting the loser edit? Mother stories always lead that way.

The evil in Victorya is definitely coming out. first grabbing jeans from Chris, now doing a coat same as Jillian. ooh the claws have been unleashed!

Sweet P now gets some personal bio shown. Her hub looks older and rather distinguished. Was his name Sage?

Hey Christian, you and me both! Yes! maybe you're not so irritating. Ricky should go home. His stuff is boring, uninspired, and not well-made.

Ricky gives a long boring list of his accomplishments.

Chris is talking to himself.

Oh god, Tim likes Ricky's dress.

uh oh, tim is concerned about Chris's dress. Chris, you must learn, always listen to Tim!

Rami is so not going home. Zippers remind me of Jeffrey.

VYa's looking patchworky, sez Tim. Oooo could she be going home?

You're scaring me says Tim. "Happy hands granny circle" sez he. That sounds very ominous. Hippy dippy, oh no. but I'd rather Sweet P than Chris.

Tim is just not interacting with the designers this year as he has in the past. Or they're severely editing him.

Smart of Sweet P. Always listen to Tim.

Chris was being a little condescending so I'm afraid he's getting the loser edit. But Chris, you weren't listening to Tim, so obviously you're not paying attention either...

Jillian is having a meltdown. In fact most of her personality is either blah or having some sort of emotional breakdown.

OK, so I did start nodding off. My notes made no sense. In fact my comprehension of the rest of the show was completely off other than knowing who the winners and losers were.

So here are next day notes.

Jillian is whining again.

Chris is being bitchy. But Victorya's outfit does look like a jacket with some stuff sewn on that could have taken someone else two hours. Victorya says still pressed for the time.

"IF I see another tube dress I'm just going to die I'm so sick of it." Christian is so right again! Augh. What's going on that I keep agreeing with him?

Now Jillian figures out she should have edited. Right as Tim is nagging her to the runway like a mother hen.

We're nearing the end of the season. Immunity has ended.

Ricky's, gulp, is kind of cute. I like the 501 flap riff on the fron.

Love Sweet P's -- it doesn't even look denim.

Christian is so very 80s. Using sleeves for the legs was clever but only people weighing 80 pounds could wear it.

The zipper theme makes me think of Jeffry but Rami did use it in different ways.

I didn't think Ricky's was as well-fitting as they did. Oh no Ricky is crying AGAIN. Geez and they were complimentary.

Overcomplicated. Remember Amadeus. "Too many notes."

Any woman could wear it. Exactly. But the Levis doesn't like as much as the other judges. I think Sweet P would have won otherwise.

Wow Victorya admitted she wasn't inspired.

Ricky won. oh. my. fracking. god. ick. I liked Sweet P's better. And this means he might be going to Bryant Park. ick. ick. ick.

Christian looks crushed that he didn't win.

Chris looks relieved he didn't lose.

I don't believe those rumors that Victorya had a temper tantrum when she lost. I think she looked as though she was reigning in tears and that's why she didn't give her speech. I don't like her aesthetic and I think she's passive aggressive, but don't get the hate.

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