Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Project Runway 4.6

W00t -- my first time live blogging Project Runway!

Meh, the model elimination. They haven't found a good way to do this. And this season's models are not as memorable. I was surprised Rami finally changed models. Good for him. can they be still asleep with cameras in their faces? Kit did look as though she still was asleep though. Made me like her -- Kit, even though he's gay, I wouldn't want to appear toussle haired and braless either.

Hershey's? Shades of groceries and plants...and recycling. Hershey's flack was such a hack.

Hmmm. So who will get eliminated? The hints are a little less obvious this time. I'm placing bets on Sweet P or Elise, but Jillian is looking a little grim. Then again, her outfit looks promising if she can pull it off.That edit probably means she wins.

Sister Christian's ego is so huge, I'm surprised the other designers could breathe with all the hot inflated ego in the air. Contrasting with him, what a sweetie Sweet P is, trying to reassure Jillian when SP is struggling herself.

Sister Christian needs to be on the bottom to prick that ego a bit. Keeping my fingers crossed that the judges hate the outfit.

Rami's looks promising. I bet Victorya with the y instead of an i is in the top. I hate ruffles. But the judges will like it, I just know, even if Tim didn't. She reminds me of the kid teachers love and no one knows why. Kevin's looked good from a distance, but he must be somewhere in the middle since they don't show the outfit.

Tranny room indeed. How can anyone design anything else with candy wrappers?

Surprise! They hate Victorya's! yay! But unfortunately, I think Sweet P is out. the magic 'boring' and 'too simple' words came out of the judges' mouths. My faves were definitely Rami and Chris. Jillian gets lots of credit for using Twizzlers but dang, I'm getting tired of her red and basically the same dress every time.

I liked Kevin's but once more, he doesn't get credit from the judges. Wonder why? Sis Christian was a bit deflated by not being in the top 3. Ha!

Should have seen the they're majorly obvious -- duh -- the tragic story of Elise being in that accident and in a coma (explains her la-la attitude) was a Major Clue. Sorry to see her go -- she was quirky and entertaining to watch. I would have, actually, chosen SP over Elise even though I also find her entertaining. Poor Elise -- she gets abused by the judges for being too out there and then over edits and gets aufed.

Glad Rami won over Jillian.

Next week: Oh goody. Ricky is crying again.

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