Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Project Runway 4.7

Yeah, it's Project Runway Wednesday!

This time I decided to live blog in between commercials and the show went on forever without one...and there were so many great lines, etc.

First, what was up with the fit of giggles from the designers? They were more burbly than the teen girls they're supposed to design for. You're supposed to listen to your clients, not act like them.

What a hoot Big Chris is. I want to know about the girl who chose him based on the portfolio sketches he submitted. Someone with a great sense of humor, no doubt.

Best quote: "I'm not feeling fierce. " Poor Sister Christian. Nah. Can't feel too sorry for him. But he is the most entertaining.

I've changed my mind..if Kevin doesn't finish the bottom of his dress, it could be him.

Good plan, Bravo, bringing in the moms. Cut off Sweet P's girl and her plunging back. That girl definitely had visions of J Lo dancing in her head.

Those "women" were Big Chris in his portfolio. That's too funny. But the girl was pretty cool about it.

Christian is showing a defeatist attitude. But ick, that's one fugly dress. Ugly color, ugly brickbrack. and too many designers. The color makes me think of Malan.

Kevin still didn't finish the hem. The sound of teutonic hooves are thumping in the background. Wonder if that empire waist is going to work for his client.

Most of the colors are pretty bright. Sunglass time for Victorya with a y instead of an i's dress. I liked Kit's bodice with the multi colors.

Rami may make the bottom 3. Tim is right -- it looks, as the suntan god would say, MOB. Well, at least much older than 16.

Ok, so the gowns I liked didn't make the runway. and oh, no, VictorYa is going to win. Of the dresses left, I'd have to admit that hers was the cutest. That rhinestone color thingy was very cute. I hate bubble skirts, though (thanks, Angela).

Sweet P's was very pretty, and the color was nice, but I didn' find it extraordinary.

Oh, please, please, please, por favor, let the loser be Ricky. Spare us his tears! But it will be Kevin. Ricky will skirt by again. It's a tossup between the two when looking at the dresses. I think that color is pretty but only Nicole Kidman can carry it off.

Argh. Straight guy Kevin is out. I thought he was one of the more consistently good designers too.

But two of the weaker designers keep plugging along. I personally like Sweet P so I'm ok with her staying. but Ricky is annoying.

The good news is Sister Christian stays and maybe learns An Important Lesson.

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