Wednesday, January 16, 2008

PR 4.8

Here I am live blogging with a blanket around my legs and a pounding head and a sore throat and nausea because I'm not wanting to eat and have been chewing drugs on a stomach full of only bread. Hope it's worth it.

Boy, the models are really unmemorable this year. I can't keep them straight. I didn't recognize Leia because her hair was so different. The only other one who's recognizable is Sam because she's a redhead. That one poor girl was screwed because they didn't style her hair. Wonder if she showed up late deliberately.

Don't blame you, Chris, for refusing the position of team leader. and look at Jillian and Victorya fighting each other for passive agressive attitude.

"If i were a diva my name would be Feroshe."Oh sister Christian, maybe you should be on teevee.

What does a trench coat have to do with rebellion or punk mohawks? I'm not getting the concept.

if I were Kit and Ricky, I would have gone for the outrageous beehive. That looked more avant garde.

"Let me finish boning her." Ricky, occasionally a flash of wit comes out. you really need to show that side of yourself more?

The ugly comes out from Rami. It looks as if he's getting all bossy.

Sister Christian is being very amusing. Loved his runway walk, he walked better than the real models!

I kind of see both sides, but Rami is definitely one of those overconfident guys who runs roughshod over other people. Sweet P's a bit of a ditherer so it's a bad combo, oil and water and all that jazz.

I cry too when I get angry, so understand where she's coming from.

Hope Chris and Chris' confidence is well earned. I'm not too sure Kit and Ricky's is. But at least they seem to be working well together, unlike Victorya and Ricky -- so maybe Ricky shouldn't get that much blame for their team interaction 3 or 4 episodes ago.

A bustle would so add something to the dress. But Rami isn't listening to P.

Hmm. an extra challenge. It seems a little unfair. Poor Sweet P. I'd hate to work with that guy.

Go team fierce!

I hate to admit it but V and J's (hee, I made a funny..vayjay) looks really awesomely avant guard, at least from the back. but looks more horsey, maybe s and m than trenchcoat.

The glimpse of Rami's yeah, definitely not out there. Showing a little lack of imagination, aren't you, dear? Don't bore Nina! Don't be a Johnny One-note, which you are in danger of becoming. Why do all your gowns cover the left breast? What's up with that?

Like Heidi's outfit, especially the belt.

The expression on Nina's face as Team Fierce's look came down the runway was priceless. You knew they would win it right then and there.

So I have to admit, although I understand how outre The Fierce Team's gown was and it is absolutely avant garde and even gorgeous, I totally loved VeeJay's look. That turned out Matrixy cool. If I were 8 inches taller, I would so rock that coat.

The judges were unfortunately correct about Kit and Ricky's look -- it was cheap looking Scarlett O'Hare in bedsheets instead of curtains. bleh. And Rami's look was typical. They gave him hell too for ignoring Sweet P and then throwing her under the bus. ha. A side of humility would go with your diet very well.

The tragedy is it will probably be Kit who is aufed, instead of Ricky even though he's there...again. ack. that's how Wendy the Wicked Witch of Loudon county ended up in the top three. I think they'll be out instead of Rami because everything was bad.

Yay Team Fierce! You rock. But I'm sorry Big Chris doesn't get to share in the glory, or the immunity,

F@#$% Ricky survives again!

Kit's probably out.

Yep, she is. Too bad, because she's the only one with a rock attitude.

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