Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Primary

It looks as though Hillary Clinton is in the lead of a tight race. I'm more an Obama fan myself, but the sneering misogyny of the press since Iowa has been driving me nuts. Apparently NH women are overwhelmingly voting for her and who can blame them?

As the folks at Making Light said: "I’ll bet lunch it’ll because a bunch of last-minute deciders were terminally pissed off by the ridiculous media frenzy over her “emotional display.”"

Sheesh -- if she doesn't show emotion, she's a steely eyed, cold-hearted rhymes-with-witch, and when she does, the reaction ranges from 'faker' to 'weak female.' Talk about the 'damned if you do...' scenario writ large. Can she do anything that pleases these people? She can't even offer bagels and coffee.

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