Friday, October 16, 2009

Project Runway

I've been feeling grumpy about Project Runway of late, which is why I haven't posted too much. Too many of the challenges have been "make something pretty!" and not nearly enough Nina and Michael. 

I was bummed Shirin was aufed last night. I haven't liked much of the designers' work this season, but yours was the ones that I occasionally loved. You seemed bubbly and sweet as well.

And I really, really, really hate Irina. Maybe even more than Wendy or Kenley. Look up w-i-t-c-h and her scowling face will be looking at you. Hey Irina, watch out, that look could give you some ugly facial lines when you get older. Witch.

OTOH, it was a fun challenge. Christina Aguilera and Bob Mackie in one episode. Too bad people still kept thinking red carpet.


Melissa Shockey said...

I don't think Irina is nearly as bad as Kenley. I saw the rerun the other day where she was so rude to Tim. Nobody's worse than her!

And last week, Shirin whined soooo much that I didn't mind her exit.

Lou said...

You're probably right. Distance -- it's been soooo long since the last PR! -- makes one forget. And she was a big, fat liar as well (in interviews, she made Pompano Beach sound like a rural hicktown when she was maybe 3-4 miles from Las Olas Blvd and 25 miles from South Beach). S was pretty aghast at her tugboat papa tales because it didn't match the tugboats in the region when he was a swordie.

And you're right, Irina only sinks that low if she's rude to Tim.

And last week was one I fell asleep on. :}