Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top Chef 6.8

The theme of Pinot and Pigs sounds intriguing. I love Pinot and who doesn't love pork (unless you're a devout Jew or Muslim, of course)?

I was surprised Robin said she was doing pilates because some of it looked like yoga. The swimming thing was weird. 

Charlie Palmer! he has a steak house right here on the Hill. Never been. It's more a place for high-priced lobbyists to take Congress critters to woo them to their cause...It's supposed to be terrific food and they have a rooftop happy hour on Thursdays, which would be a fantastic view of the Capitol.

Oh dear, Jen's on the bottom. But she was the last time and ended up winning the challenge.

Eli is an immature baby. He's coming close to swiping Mike I's douchehat crown. 

Kevin is the nicest sweetest member of the household. He has a nice, indirect way of saying Robin annoys him too, without actually saying so. 

I feel sorry for Robin. She's older than everyone else and has tics that apparently annoy her housemates. Her restaurant is, per reports, hugely popular so she must not be totally clueless. I hope a Marcel type situation isn't developing.

Michael is being very immature to his brother. Whoever said he's trying to push his brother's buttons is probably right.

I'm guessing Ash, Laurine and Robin will be on the bottom. Eli shows his own overly inflated opinion of himself. Wonder if he ends up on the bottom too, because his food didn't match his wine. Hah!

Mike I is in the middle again. Neener, neener!

Toby is confusing me. Hairy armpits, shaved pits. whaaaah?

Love Kevin. I'm having such a hard time deciding who to root for. Kevin is sweet and talented. Jenc is tough and talented. Bryan is the hometown boy because I refuse to acknowledge Mike I as a hometown kid to root for.

Immaturity is the theme for this evening. They might be talented, but they have some growing up to do.

Laurine is probably going home. So some more bullying of "grandma" (was that Eli or Mike I, grrrrrrrr) is going to happen next week. Robin should just let 'er rip if they snipe at her one more time. Eli is reminding me way too much of smarmy Ilan.

More immaturity. ack. C'mon guys. I was really enjoying this season for its lack of personal drama....Michael has just entered my blacklist as well.

Huh. Ash is going home, not that he shouldn't have gone home earlier. But that means more bullying on the horizon. Want to bet Robin does a Lisa, Wendy, and ends up in the top 3?


Melissa Shockey said...

I've missed your comments! They are so great! Love your sense of humor!

I also love, love, love Kevin. I want Kevin, Jenc and Brian in the finals.

Lou said...

Thanks! If we ever have another meeting in Atlanta, you must meet me there and we'll go to Kevin's restaurant. His food sounds very yummy.

I'm with you on the final 3.