Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top Chef 6.7

Last week was the week from hell at work. I ran a conference on Tuesday and then had a board meeting Friday and Saturday. Too much intensity. Watched TC from bed and was way too sleepy to pull out the laptop.

Last week's TC also was painful because I really liked Ashley and was sorry to see her go, especially when Eli and Ash basically didn't do anything and it was Eli's fault the gnocchi was salty.

OTOH, my favorite pair were on the top and Jennc finally won an elimination challenge. Tom Colicchio says she actually had a fever. One assumes (and hopes) she did a lot of handwashing. But how cool and tough was it for her to plow on despite the illness and not using it as an excuse.

Other observations. 

Wow, Robin's chattiness would be really annoying. But not annoying enough for Mike I. to have been such a donkeyhat.

Padma's green disco pants and shirt would land her on worst-dressed lists. That was fuuuuugly.

Tyler Florence has only a limited number of adjectives and he uses them ad nauseum. 

Brian was unnecessarily snippy to Kevin about his brother. 

Eli talks a big game and likes to trash others a lot, but has little to show for it.

Ash has a man crush, Ash has a man crush.

And for all of Jenc's toughness in the confession booth, she was bawling when Ashley was sent home.

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