Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top Chef 6.10

Way to start out, hitting the wrong damn button.

Today my personal trainer had me do that swim thing Robin did a couple of eps ago. It's surprisingly hard. Works out your lower back in a good way. Of course you'll be moaning in agony if you do it more than 30 seconds. But the PT gave it her own sadistic twist. 30 seconds of "swimming" followed by 10 seconds holding in one place -- three times. And then three sets of it. My back will be hurting tomorrow. At least it will help me with the bow poses in Bikram yoga.

What is up with Padma and onesies? Her quickfire clothes have been remarkably ugly this season. Hey, Eli, ever heard of TVLand. Gilligan's Island lives on your 52-inch tv. Not that I'd ever watch it.

If looks could kill, Kevin would be dead, dead, dead, judging from the lasers shooting from Bryan's eyes. The restaurants of Bryan and Mike I, by the way, were just named among the top 50 restaurants in DC area by Washington Post critic Tom Sietsama. From the description of the food, Bryan's very inventive on his own.

They're planning meat dishes...little do they know they're cooking for a vegetarian, or maybe even a vegan. Natalie Portman's column in the Huff Post was pretty offensive, drawing a parallel about speaking out about eating meat to your host to whether you should speak out if your host is a rapist. Huh? This also coming from someone who signed the petition supporting Roman Polanski.

Hmm, almost everyone seems in the weeds. So Robin and Mike I are the confident ones about cooking a vegetarian meal. That's usually the kiss of death. I'm guessing Mike I is in worse trouble because his leeks look uuuuuuggggleeeeee. (hee-hee, hoho, haha, will he be going home?) And yes, his leeks were undercooked.

But then Jen once again is showing a lack of confidence because of the eggplants she had to use, so who knows.

Ok, maybe it would have been better for Robin if she hadn't served her garbanzo beans!

The guest chef is hilarious and I wish had spent less time ruminating and more time paying attention.

Michael gets another Picasso ref. So he's an artist.

Well, at least Jenn's was delish.

Oooooo, dirty double-entendres! For robotically handsome Bryan's dish!

Kevin's definitely doesn't look pretty but it sounds as though it's pretty filling. But Natalie is now a vegan, so all that butter would have gone to waste on her now.

What was Eli's again? Something eggplant. I think he got good reviews.

So the chef is someone I haven't heard of, so it doesn't matter that I didn't catch his name during QF. Yeah, Kevin's a man who likes his food. We couldn't guess?

Kevin wins again! Though he keeps winning the crappy prizes.

Michael, you are Jekyll & Hyde. Sore loserman.

Robin assumes that's her problem too. Yikes, if that is the way she talks all the time, no wonder she drives the others batty.

I think Jenn is OK because at least hers tasted good. It sounded as though Mike I's and Robin's were not tasty.

YES!!!!! Then again, that leaves Robin there one more episode. Yep, this season's Wendy, Lisa, etc.

Previews: ruh-roh, is Michael in trouble? I think he's a donkey, but he is very talented, so I'd hate to see him go. Of course, it's never the person they feature in the it?

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