Sunday, July 1, 2007

Top Chef 3.3

Top Chef again. I really need to post more. Hung has shown his butthole tendencies in full flower. He had to know that Fromagerie Sara had put her chicken in the convection oven. Lee Ann notes in her blog that she turns all the ovens on an hour before competition, so clearly they're not responsible for the turning off and on of ovens.
Loser was Micah and deservedly so even though I was rooting for her as a PBCer. If you screw up meatloaf so that people say yuck, you deserve to go. Every culture has a meatloaf and I've made some wonderful meatloaf like recipes from other regions. There's some eastern European and Middle eastern recipes. Even a French one. Terrine anyone?
Or make it from lamb or veal or turkey or even tofu. eh.
Great one-liners in this one. The judge was very cool.