Sunday, July 1, 2007


S and I are going on a cruise in August. 25 years in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale even, and I've never been on a cruise. I've been on a cruise ship a couple of times. We toured the Queen Mary (or was it Elizabeth?) when it was docked in Lauderdale when I was 10. And I covered a Project Graduation party as a feech on a cruise boat.
But this was easy. We just take the train to Baltimore and take the train home. It will, we hope, include lots of sun. It's a nice short trip with time to get ready for work, and presumably not much of a time change.
Never had the desire to go on one because I'm not into the Broadway show tunes scene, disco dancing or activities galore. However, we splurged on a room with a balcony, and one of my favorite vacation activities is to read. We'll be on the ocean, in the sun, only missing the sand.
We've got something else planned. Hint: involves me driving up to Baltimore/Towson to pick up the paperwork.
We'll see. Maybe I'll try the rock climbing wall.