Sunday, December 2, 2007

Project Runway 4.3 -- It's Raining Men

This week was rather fun. Was it all the designers freaking out or all the male pulchritude floating around the design room? hmmm. Though I have to say, none of the male models had as chiseled pecs as Jack. Are we sure he's on the show as a designer?

But there was plenty of action for the straight male as well. S was thrilled that the designers were dressing Tiki Barber. My face was as blank as those of most of designers. Tiki who? "He's one of the greatest running backs ever! He's absolutely amazing! I can't believe he agreed to do this."

This episode brought out the ugly in a few people. I liked Raimi a lot less. I liked Jack a lot more after all the help he gave Carmen and sharing his pattern with anyone who asked. Ricky came across as an Andrae without the fun part.

Sweet P came across well as far as not whining about her failures. I liked her self mockery with shooting herself with her forefinger as her model tried his best.
Steve looks as though he's very witty. The Titanic quip was priceless.
Carmen was the right choice, once more. Who makes the jacket before making the shirt?! duh. Sweet P's shirt was a hot mess but the pants looked good.

I don't agree with the judges on the winner for the third week in a row. I would've picked Kevin or Kit before Jack.

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