Sunday, December 9, 2007

Project 4.4 -- the 80s v. the 50s

Dear God, now I feel old, old, old. Back when I was in high school, thanks to Happy Days, 50s flashback dances were hugely popular. Girls would dress in poodle skirts and tight sweaters with headbands. Boys would put on white t-shirts with sleeves rolled over cigs and slick their hair into ducktails.

Well, now the 80s are getting that treatment. With even more disdain than we felt making fun of the 50s. Now I know how my mother felt.

Never more so than watching this edition of PR where a lot of 80s and late 70s style fashions were revisited in all their hideous glory. Overalls. Dancewear (Flashdance anyone? Jane Fonda jazzercise?). Shoulder pads, a la Dynasty.

And it was a dreadful mess. I didn't think anyone won. I don't think Jillian's crew was memorable. The closest was our fey friend Christian and his crew.

But Chris should not have lost. Maybe I have too much 80s left in me because I didn't think his was that bad.

In other words, Ricky, go home. Now.

Edited to add: and Victorya and your passive aggressive route can quickly follow.

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