Saturday, June 16, 2007

Top Chef

Top Chef is back. yay!
This season looks so much more promising. The chefs look as though they really can cook. I hope it's a return to the more skill-driven drama of the first season and not the soap opera of the second one.
It will take a couple of episodes to get a handle on everyone, but Tre looks like a sweetie -- and talented too. I might also root for Micah as a former PBC-er. Hung, I wonder if he's all bark and no bite. It's one thing to be arrogant about your talents. It's another to take it out on other people.
The elimination challenge was great. I loved learning about exotic ingredients. Never heard of geoduck or black chicken before. Already like ostrich and buffalo. And gator tastes like chicken!

In fact the past seasons of both Top Chef and Project Runway, about the only shows I watch with any dedication really were downers because of all the personality based drama. If I want that, I'll watch Hell's Kitchen. ugh. I tried to watch that once as a temporary fix while TC wasn't on the air. Lasted one episode. I hate screaming of any kind. Talk shows, radio shows, tv commercials, anything. Why would I want to watch someone scream at people?

I ended up rooting for Marcel, reluctantly, last season, just because I detested everyone else. But he ain't a picnic. Harold shut him down as the people in S2 should have. In a mature way -- telling him to act like a professional.

So here's to a season where one can root for chefs based on talent!