Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top Chef is getting better

So I finally vent about the mediocrity on Top Chef and dang, if it doesn't get better. I liked this ep as much as the last one. Why can't they have more like these.

And yay, one half of HoLeah is gone. I think she was as thrilled to go as TC fans were to see her go. Her defeatist attitude was very annoying, especially after she passively aggressively threw Ariane under the bus. (oh, no I'm using their cliches! gack)

So Fabio was at his most hilarious this weekend. Got to admire his determination. And he was full of funny quips. "I'll choppa offa da finger and sear ita on da flattoppa and worry about nine fingers tomorrow." Bet his wife appreciated that sentiment. 

And Carla, the tortoise. It's so cool she's gained her footing. And her back story is pretty interesting -- she lived in Paris while working as a model and started buying cookbooks to fill time. Follow your bliss, Carla.

And it strikes me that the most talented chefs are the most warm and gracious. That certainly was the case with the stellar crowd they had last night.

I'm glad Stefan had to eat some humble pie without actually going home. The elves made it look like it was a close call between him and Leah and that maybe they did give him a break, but Toby's blog definitely made it seem that the choice was between Leah and Hosea. And Jacques Pepin expressed his intense dislike for Leah's hollandaise sauce on the Bravo site.

So here's to a final 3 being Stefan, Fabio and Carla!

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