Friday, January 30, 2009

Top Chef 5

Boy, the talented chefs keep getting chopped off the show. The only ones left who show any consistent talent are Jamie and Stephan. Boring.

I was hoping Carla would go far because she's from DC, and I do enjoy her quirkiness. She doesn't show any maliciousness, which is also refreshing.

They can get rid of Holeah as quickly as possibly. Hosea does show some talent, but he's a tool. And Leah, ugh.

I didn't like Jeff at first because of the whole pretty boy thing but he grew on me because he showed leadership (isn't that part of being a Top Chef?) and at least tried to be creative, maybe too creative, but better than boring Leah.

Fabio is charming but what has he cooked lately, besides ravioli?

Tom seems very grumpy this season. I think he's not happy with the talent pool. And they seem to be taking the choices out of the hands of the judges. TC may need to go through a redesign if they're going to continue it.

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