Monday, August 13, 2007

Bermuda, the only way to get married

So S and I did it. We bowed to the patriarchy and got hitched. But we did it the only way you should -- eloping on a cruise boat to Bermuda. We had to get married in Baltimore on the boat because that's the only way we could legally with only a six-week turnaround time. And here's a myth for you: Captains can't marry people, unless they're licensed officiants. The only cruise that offers that option is Princess. We were on Royal Caribbean. Can't complain about the wedding -- it turned out well. I got a lovely corsage, the female Lutheran minister was great and the wedding coordinators very accommodating. In fact, we carefully laid out ties for S and promptly forgot to pack them. The cruise director loaned us one of his ties at the behest of RCI's wedding liason.
Do have complaints about the photographs. The photographer herself was a sweet thing from Croatia. But the company wanted to charge us $1,200 or more to get a CD of -- not all -- but about half the pictures. Naturally, already being broke from the cruise (we splurged on a balcony) and the wedding, we weren't about to do that. We bought 5 electronic copies and probably will scan in others.
Bermuda was beautiful. Unfortunately, our pics of Horseshoe Bay didn't come out. S accidentally put the camera on internal memory instead of flash card when showing the WC how to shoot a picture of us in wedding gear on our balcony. So we ran out of memory while shooting pictures there. The sand does appear pink from a distance -- if you're peering at it through lush green foliage. Up close it has a pink tint, but is pretty normal otherwise. The water is stunningly blue, sapphire, turquoise, aquamarine. Pick your jewel.
We want to do a cruise again. Unfortunately we're now hooked on balconies, so that limits our options.

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